Basic English communication class


Basic English Communication is a course mostly for English-learning beginners or for those whohaven’t used English for a long time and now would like to renew their knowledge from the beginning.

1. Participants:

- English-learning beginners

- Those who know English but haven’t used it for a long time


2. Objectives of the course:

After taking the course atVAE Foreign Language Centre​​, students are equipped with the following knowledge:

- Vocabulary: Simple vocabulary to talk about names, dates, countries, families, employment, prices, money, food, movies and music.

- Grammar: Basic grammatical structures (Eg:The simple present, the present continuous, the past simple, the near future,..the structure there is / there are, countable and uncountable nouns, possessive case,how to use basic prepositions ...)

- Language skills:Being able to introduce oneself, to talk about countries, people, to give simple comments about the scenery, movies, painting, to know how to answer the phone, to read billboards, introductions to cultures of various countries and English culture, acronyms of organizations around the world and sports activities.


3. Learning materials:

The coursebook "American English File Starter" (student's book + workbook) by Clive Oxenden and Christina Latham-Koenig, Oxford Publisher


4. Study time and Privileges:

- Study time: 19:00-20:30 on Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday

- Offering Scholarship up to 20% of tuition


For detailed information, please contact:

VAE Foreign Language Office​​ - 40 Mac Dinh Chi st., Nha Trang

Tel: (058) 3512519 - 0983.662.712 (Ms.Lan) - 0935.349.897 (Ms.Chau)